Tumblr girl, brown hair, hazel eyes; How TO get the look




Okay, so I noticed this really pretty picture of a girl on tumblr (Maybe; not sure where) but I don’t know here by name, if you do; tell me in the comments below. Anyways, I am totally such a big fan of her cute and simple makeup look which goes well with her casual every-day clothes. 

I figured out how to get the look:

Hair: Leave your hair down for this look and accessorize with a simple beanie.

Clothes: She’s wearing a white t’shirt with black and white pictures on it, hunt for a piece like that.

As for what she’s wearing on her legs, I can’t say but I guess they are probably shorts or skinny jeans, both go perfectly well.

NOSE RING: One thing that defines her look best is the nose ring, I personally would not want to make as big a commitment as getting my nose pierced, so you can buy a face gold nose ring like hers at probably any jewelry store, forever21 and Walmart are places to check.


For the makeup, tanned skin with contouring and your everyday foundation routine will do for the skin.

She’s wearing a nude pinkish shade on the lips, use an SOS lipbalm or a light shade of lipstick to give a natural look.

Eyes: One of the best thing I like about her makeup are her high defined eyes, having hazel eyes myself its pretty hard to know what kind of makeup suits you, but this look is a go-for. Just brighten up your eyes and make them pop with a lot of mascara and just a ‘lil bit of Mascara.

LOOK COMPLETED!!! Leave comments below, or email me at:


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Bubye, see you in the next post guys, PS Feel free to request any tutorials or whatsoever!

_Creatively3 :)


20 thoughts on “Tumblr girl, brown hair, hazel eyes; How TO get the look

  1. Hi! yes, it is Andrea Russet, if you look up her name on google images that is one of the first pictures to show up. Hope this helped xx

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